Annual Conference 2020

Theme: Unlocking value for ESOs

Held on 13th of November we held our Inaugural conference at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel. The conference was a hybrid event with virtual participants joining in virtually through Zoom and Youtube while  a large number of the panelists joined in physically.

The conference aimed at bringing together all stakeholders in the entrepreneurship support ecosystem so that we could create a platform where they could dialogue and debate on different matters affecting the ecosystem.

The conference had 5 panel session discussions :

Panel session 1; Partnership for a stronger more cohesive entrepreneurial community

The session focused on ESOs leveraging partnerships to create solutions that would help in steering the agenda for ecosystem entrepreneurship.

Panel session 2:  Unlocking Public Private Partnerships to drive innovation

The panel explored the role of the government in driving innovation and ways that young entrepreneurs in the private sector could tap into opportunities while also reviewing policies in government geared towards the innovation sector needs.

Panel session 3 :  The role of Associations in Unlocking Hub Potential ; Conversation with Hubs across Africa .

With innovation growing rapidly, hub associations are growing. With an association, a hub is able  to get support to be able to catalyze a critical mass in entrepreneurship and innovation for the people that need it i.e create employment opportunities for the youth in Africa in order to avoid economic disruptions.

Panel session discussion 4 :  Digital Collaboration Partnerships; Kenya

The panel sought to bring understanding to the challenges faced by startups in different regions. Through the session we explored regulation challenges experienced in developing countries. 

Panel discussion session 5:Startup Governance and Policy for ESOs.

In light of the Start Up Bill, there was no better way to close the Annual Conference than with a discussion  on the benefits of the bill and what it signified for the ESO space.