We recently convened our first Annual General Meeting, Virtually on the 2nd of December 2020.

The meeting was successful, attracting an attendance of over 30 of our members, with a total attendance of over 70 participants. During the AGM, the ASSEK Chairperson Bernard Chiira gave a vote of thanks to outgoing Management Committee members while welcoming the New management committee to serve in their new capacity. 

He additionally highlighted the achievements of the Association since its inception  in 2019 outlining the following  :

  • Growing the   ASSEK membership to 48 ESOs
  • Fundraising for the Association
  •  Delivering direct value to ASSEK members
  •  Attracting strong public and private sector partnership
  •  Operationalizing and strengthening the ASSEK secretariat
  • Successfully onboarding newly elected Board Members through the required constitutional mandate and delivering our first inaugural Annual Conference.
  •   ASSEK signing an MOU   with Countrywide Innovation Hubs

At the tailend of the discussion, ASSEK pledged commitment to our  members through a series of activities in the year 2021 :

  •       Building a stronger voice for the Startup and SME enablers ecosystem through building Association influence and lobbying muscle in decision-making, planning and execution of initiatives that drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Kenya.
  • Increase collaboration among our members through delivering high quality programs that are aligned with the ASSEK objectives. 
  • Grow and increase our partnerships to strengthen the value proposition we offer to our membership. 
  • Increase partnerships with the government institutions to fast track our objectives