Caption: L-R GIZ Make IT Project Coordinator, Chandi Tome alongside ASSEK and GIZ representatives at the MOU signing 

After more than 6 months in action, the partnership between ASSEK and GIZ MAKE IT has come to a close.  

We are glad to state that the partnership which began in May 2020 and has been a success with the initial objective of the project having been achieved  which included capacity building of enablers, professional development, fostered collaborations among ecosystem players.

This project saw Regional member Engagement forums take place with the main aim being  to endear collaboration and drawing  in ecosystem players to discuss ways of bettering the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kenya.

In addition under the GIZ MAKE IT Project, we were able to carry out a series of knowledge exchange forums in line with our mandate. The forums served as a platform through which ESOs would share knowledge on shared interests and vision for the ecosystem.

We organized our Inaugural Annual Conference in the month of November 2020. This conference allowed for various ecosystem stakeholders to  dialogue and  debate on different matters that affect the entrepreneurship ecosystem, with the aim of  growing the innovation space. The theme for this for this conference was “Unlocking Values for ESOs”.

The major milestone under this partnership; 

  • 4 regional member workshops, attracting over 200 Entrepreneurs and enablers. 
  • 2 Product Management Workshops, attracting over 66 Entrepreneurs and enablers.
  • Employee Management Workshops attracting over 73 participants.
  • 2 Training on fundraising techniques and strategies for hubs, which attracted over 77 participants.
  • Two Knowledge Exchange forums attracting an attendance of over 100 participants.
  • An Annual Conference which attracted 106 attendees.