ASSEK is delighted to announce a partnership with the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project (KIEP ) over the next 4 years to strengthen the mandate of the Association in innovation ecosystem building, through a grant valued at USD 500,000. This partnership will be aimed at creating value for our members, strengthening our association and accelerating the impact of innovation hubs under our membership.

Below are some of the benefits to ASSEK members  that were identified as potential areas of collaboration during the inception phase of the project:

  • Funding for projects that would strengthen ASSEK’s thematic areas 
  • Create a policy team to produce position papers on key legislation
  • Develop a business registration toolkit for new startups
  • Provision of Funding for research projects that build ASSEK’s body of evidence
  • Carrying out research into homegrown innovations that are being used in National and County government
  • Carrying out research into the demographics of Kenya’s innovators

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