Hello ASSEK Community, 

Greetings from ASSEK. 

We’re currently looking for fun, energetic and highly keen ASSEK members to be part of the 2019 ASSEK Subcommittee! 

Subcommittee members will be expected to assist the Management Committee in planning and running of our activities. Subcommittee members will also have the opportunity to take on more responsibilities or become apart of related ASSEK working groups.


At ASSEK, we highly value teamwork and so although you may be placed in a Subcommittee role, you will be an integral part of the association.

The Management Committee at ASSEK will have the final say to make all decisions affecting the association. However, the Management Committee would like to delegate some powers to ASSEK Community members to make proposals or recommendations on certain operations of the association.

What is a subcommittee?

A subcommittee is a small group of people assigned to focus on a particular task or area, such as social events.  A subcommittee generally makes recommendations to the Management Committee for decisions.  However, the Management Committee may delegate aspects of decision-making to a subcommittee. Regardless, any decisions made by such groups remain the responsibility of the ASSEK Management Committee.

Terms of reference and reporting

The terms of reference and reporting back procedures of the sub-committees will be laid down in writing, agreed by the Management Committee, and regularly reviewed. The terms of reference should clearly indicate the responsibilities and authority of the sub-committee.

Find subcommittee PORTFOLIOS: Roles and Responsibilities here

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To join a subcommittee @ ASSEK, apply here

Application deadline: 7th August 2018, 1700 hours 

Best regards,

Basil Malaki

Secretary @ ASSEK

c/o Management Committee @ ASSEK