Caption: Different stakeholders at the KIEP Workshop that was convened in May 2021

In line with our partnership with KIEP, we will be organizing a workshop on the 14th of October 2021!

We will be expecting government agencies and local stakeholders such as  KIPI, KIRDI, KIE, and KEBS who are our implementing partners in the project.

This workshop will see different conversations around exploring areas of collaboration between the stakeholders and ASSEK members and discussions on harmonization of the different programs run by the stakeholders. This will be a chance for ASSEK members to interact with the different stakeholders involved in the project.

So far, KIEP has made many impactful strides and is expected to directly benefit 33,050 individuals, and 2,393 firms. Other groups targeted are incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, startups, SMEs, students, and corporates. Persons Living with Disability (PLWD), youth and Women-led/owned enterprises.

We shall provide more information on the workshop through our social media platforms!