Under the ICT Norway project, we recently held our code of conduct workshop and will be hosting the validation session on the 25th of February 2021. With the project ending in June, to spearhead the projects we are constituting an ICT Norway subcommittee, in case you are interested in joining the subcommittee, kindly click on this link.

ASSEK is also looking to hire facilitators and Speakers for her capacity-building workshop sessions under the ICT Norway project which will run from March to June 2021. The following are the topics on which the workshops will be focused on:

1.Our Place in the AFCTA

2.Funding local startups

3. Measuring impact for Hub programs

If you are interested in being a facilitator or speaker for the capacity building workshops under ICT Norway, kindly send us your resume via info@assek.ke cc Communications@asssek.ke

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