In continuation with last year’s activities in partnership with ICT Norway, this year we have alot of activities lined up.

Here is a snapshot of the activities we have lined up for the first half of this year.

ICT Norway Calendar of Activities, July 2019 to June 2021 
Capacity Building Activities sessions 
 Capacity Building Workshop 111th February
 Capacity Building Workshop 217th March
 Capacity Building Workshop 315th April
ASSEK 2021 Digital Marketing Program 
 Capacity Building Workshop 413th May
 Capacity Building Workshop 515th June
ASSEK Management Elections1st March
Policy; Code Of Conduct Activities 
Code of Conduct Validation and adoption Workshop25th Feb
Startup bill Workshops21st April
Code of Conduct stakeholder promotion workshop 120th May
Code of Conduct stakeholder promotion workshop 223rd June
Member Engagement Activity 
Member Hangout 1; Konza City Ecosysteme tour/Social Networking Event18th Feb
Member Hangout 2; Briter Knowledge Sharing Workshop28th Jan
Member Engagement 3; Session with KENIA31st March
 Member Engagement 4TBC

We are currently constituting an ICT Norway subcommittee, incase you are interested in joining the subcommittee, kindly click on this link.

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