Caption:  Leonard Adundo, an entrepreneur under the WIDU Project, poses for a photo of his employees

Success Stories from Our WIDU Diaspora Remittance Project

Our Diaspora Remittance project has come a long way, with over 228 entrepreneurs enrolled on the program. The WIDU team was able to feature one of the successful entrepreneurs based in Siaya Town, Leonard Adundo who runs the Hangover Kakwacha Hotel. Here is his story.

Leonard Adundo is one of the entrepreneurs under the WIDU Diaspora Remittance Project.

He runs a hotel known as the Hangover Kakwacha Hotel in Siaya County.

He learned about the WIDU grant through an old family friend Susan from the Nyanza Region who relocated to the Diaspora. Once he reached out to her, they were able to put together a joint investment that kick-started the process.

For Leonard, receiving the WIDU grant was very timely, because at the time they were looking into expanding and had consequently hired new employees and needed funds to offset rent.

He remains grateful for the grant, stating that it has allowed him to create employment for the youth in the local community as well as allow him to continue providing accommodation and good meals to his customers.

In addition, the coaching services provided by WIDU coaches, have empowered Leon to accrue skills as pertain to investments, balancing profit and loss statements as well as measuring returns on investment. When it comes to his vision for the next two years, Leonard hopes he can apply for an additional WIDU grant to expand his mini car wash, which is adjacent to the hotel. 

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