ASSEK would like to undertake a rapid research assessment of the Entrepreneur Support Organizations to identify gaps, areas of operations, opportunities and collaboration to strengthen their capacity to grow, scale and remain sustainably impactful in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

This is a 1-month consultancy with the deliverables to be achieved in that duration. The consultant will be expected to undertake expected to undertake the following activities:

1. Conduct a rapid assessment of the Entrepreneur Support Organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to undertake:

  1. ESO Ecosystem Mapping that includes identifying and categorizing of ESO types (incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, etc.), their service offering, geographical location, size, target demographics, and areas of focus. Some of the outputs include: an updated database of ESOs, capacity assessment report and potential areas for improvement in ESO services and capacity building.
  2. Identify gaps in areas of operations by analyzing the current state of operations of ESOs in the following aspects: Program and project management, Resource management, Data management and analysis, Monitoring and evaluation and Risk management.
  3. Identify opportunities by looking for areas where ESOs can increase their impact, expand their reach, continuously innovate and adapt to evolving demands of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and enhance their sustainable business models.
  4. Develop an ESO Collaboration framework that will explore how ESOs can potentially share resources and expertise, to jointly advocate for policy change, peer to peer learning and reduce duplication of effort, programs and services in the overall entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  5. Facilitation of a validation workshop with stakeholders to validate the findings of the research to gain further insights to enhance the report and findings.

Terms of Reference Details

The minimum qualifications of the consultant or organization is listed below:

  1. Research organization or Consultant (s) with 7+ years of experience conducting research in the startup and SME ecosystem
  2. Strong understanding of the Kenyan startup and SME landscape.
  3. Expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  4. Excellent communication and reporting skills.
  5. Ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders.
  6. Good communication and report writing skills.
  7. Experience in working with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

Submit your complete proposal to with the subject line: ASSEK Rapid ESO Research Assessment. Extended Deadline for submission is 11th March 2024 at 5pm EAT.

Any queries or clarifications can be directed to the same email address listed by 28th February 2024 after which no response will be given after the specified date.

Please note only successful candidates will be contacted.



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