ASSEK would like to undertake a rapid research assessment of the growth and evolution of the Kenyan entrepreneurship ecosystem to identifying gaps, challenges hindering innovation growth, emerging opportunities for investment and collaboration to provide key insights and recommendations to support the growth of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kenya.

This is a 1-month consultancy with the deliverables to be achieved in that duration. The consultant will be expected to undertake expected to undertake the following activities:

  1. Conduct Rapid Assessment of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem to identify emerging opportunities and gaps hindering innovation growth. This includes:
  2. Map and analyze barriers and key policy bottlenecks hindering the growth and effectiveness of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and develop strategies for lobbying and advocacy to create a more enabling environment for growth and development of ESOs and their beneficiaries i.e. startups and SMEs.
  3. Research on the innovation ecosystem to identify and map out key constraints to clearly identify challenges faced by ESOs and their beneficiaries hindering their growth, the needs and gaps faced by entrepreneurs using ESO services and analyze existing collaboration activities and assess their effectiveness.
  4. Identify and analyze emerging trends in the Kenyan and global innovation landscape, the current state of research on these trends in Kenya highlighting their alignment with the needs and priorities of the Kenyan innovation ecosystem.
  5. Review of existing innovation/ entrepreneurship masterplans, policy documents, acts and other instruments to attain the effectiveness to support the growth of the Startup and SME Ecosystem.
  6. Evaluate and identify potential vulnerabilities in the Kenyan entrepreneurial ecosystem and the preparedness of ESOs to navigate them considering factors such as funding diversification, adaptability to changing needs, and crisis response capabilities.
  7. Assess the ability of ESOs to adapt their services and programs through innovation, adoption new technologies and service delivery models to meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs and the broader ecosystem and propose strategies to enhance the effectiveness of those services.
  8. Develop practical and actionable recommendations to address identified gaps and challenges.

Terms of Reference Details

The minimum qualifications of the consultant or organization is listed below:

  1. Research organization or Consultant (s) with 7+ years of experience conducting research in the startup and SME ecosystem
  2. Strong understanding of the Kenyan startup and SME landscape.
  3. Expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  4. Excellent communication and reporting skills.
  5. Ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders.
  6. Good communication and report writing skills.
  7. Experience in working with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

Submit your complete proposal to admin@assek.ke with the subject line: ASSEK Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Research. Extended Deadline for submission is 11th March 2024 at 5pm EAT.

Any queries or clarifications can be directed to the same email address listed by 28th February 2024 after which no response will be given after the specified date.

Please note only successful candidates will be contacted.