WIDU Diaspora Remittance Project

The WIDU Diaspora Remittance Project has also been a focal point of our activities. This project was begun as a result of a partnership with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) WIDU in October 2020, it leverages diaspora remittances to boost small scale start-ups and micro-enterprises with financial grants and business coaching and mentorship. 

Project Objectives 

The project aims to redirect existing African diaspora remittances into sustainable investments through a platform that will enable transparent and efficient management of the investment. The WIDU project uses an online platform to provide funding and coaching to small businesses in participating African countries. 


So far we have made significant milestones with 270 entrepreneurs having been enrolled in the program, with 141 entrepreneurs receiving funding worth over 30M Kenya Shillings. As we project into the next quarter, we are looking forward to enrolling more entrepreneurs onto the WIDU platform, with the aim of achieving economic breakthroughs and sustainability in Kenya. 

Success stories 

Our Diaspora Remittance project has come a long way, with over 228 entrepreneurs enrolled on the program. The WIDU team was able to feature some of the successful entrepreneurs from all over the country